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Get access to the on-demand at-home workout videos!
All memberships are eligible for a suspension up to 3 times per calendar year, for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • Bronze Membership

    Every 2 weeks
    1 Semi-Private Classes per week $29 per class
  • Silver Membership

    Every 2 weeks
    2 Semi-Private Classes per week- $27 per class!
  • Best Value

    Gold Membership

    Every 2 weeks
    3 Semi-Private Classes per week- $23 per class!

Class Schedule

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24 hours notice is required to reschedule class attendance. 2 weeks notice via email is required to cancel a membership. Memberships can be paused up to three times a year for up to six weeks at a time. 

New Classes Coming Soon!

If there is a specific class time you would like that you don't see, please let us know.

Either click the 'Let's Chat' button at the bottom of this page, or fill in the contact form to chat with us.


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