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Nourishing the Bad Ass Mama: A Guide to Postpartum Nutrition for Pelvic Floor Healing

Welcome to Mama Strength and Pilates, where Bad Ass Mamas come together to embark on a journey of healing, strength, and community. At MSP, we understand the unique challenges that postpartum mothers face—time constraints, juggling the demands of motherhood, and often neglecting their own needs in the process. In this blog post, we'll delve into a crucial aspect of postpartum recovery: nutrition. Join us as we explore the significance of nourishing your body after giving birth, not only for your well-being but also for the healing of your pelvic floor.

The Postpartum Journey

Mama, we know that the postpartum journey is nothing short of an extraordinary adventure. Yet, it comes with its set of challenges, and finding time for yourself is often at the bottom of the to-do list. As you navigate through the responsibilities of caring for your little one (or ones), it's easy to forget about your own well-being. That's why, at MSP, we're here to remind you that nurturing your body is an essential part of your postpartum journey.

Nutrition for Pelvic Floor Healing

Your body undergoes incredible changes during and after pregnancy, especially in the pelvic floor area. Proper nutrition plays a vital role in the recovery and healing process. It's not just about what you eat; it's about fueling your body with the right nutrients to support your energy levels, enhance your mood, and contribute to your overall well-being.

In the next sections, we'll dive into practical strategies for incorporating time-efficient nutrition into your busy schedule, reconnecting with your body through Pilates, and understanding the significance of community support. Whether you're a new mama navigating the early postpartum period or further along in your journey, this guide is tailored to help you embrace your Bad Ass Mama status with strength and nourishment.

Time_Efficient Nutrinal Strategies

MSP is all about the healing of the pelvic floor and the whole core, we understand the impact having a misfunctioning core has on so many surprising areas of life and your body like your sleep! Having a misfunctioning pelvic floor can negatively impact your sleep quality!

So here are some ideas to help:

  1. Always prioritise Protein!! Especially as the first meal of the day. If you have a sweet tooth for breakfast I would suggest making a healthy high protein bar or muesli bar and have them ready in the fridge for those busy mornings. If you don't like sweet for breakfast, try having hard-boiled eggs in the fridge and some Flax Magic bread in the freezer ready to throw in the toaster. Simply eat them together and you've just consumed approximately 30g of protein!! Amazing start to the day!

  2. Having protein bars in your baby bag that you can grab in a hurry if you're out and can't get healthy foods, will be a game changer! No more excuses of buying a chocolate bar or an unhealthy takeaway from a drive-through because you were supper hungry.

  3. Making 2 or 3 meals at the weekend and freeze, ready for your really busy days, is also a game changer! This will stop those bad- choices on our busy days and your energy levels are completely zapped already! I have added some ideas below.

  4. Last but not least, avoiding foods with high sugars is an essential part of your nutrition journey. High-sugar foods affect your hormones on a base level and this in turn has a negative effect on your internal healing. And defiantly avid sugars before bed! Your body doesn't have the chance to use up the energy for the sugar so it really wreaks havoc on your hormones and internal general inflammation.

Connecting to your body

I am this journey with you Mama, I know the daily struggle of fitting it all in! Trust me, its just the same for me. I also know, however, that when I don't make time for my daily movement (of any kind) I feel much worse for it and even worse if it goes on for days! So I make it a priority. Even if that is just a simple walk in nature, I make sure I do something. Here at MSP we make sure that you feel amazing throughout your session and give you more knowledge about ways to move in between the times you're in the studio with us. We also give you access to the on-demand classes so you can fit in a 10-minute workout whenever you can sneak 10 mins in for yourself.

We teach you how to connect to your pelvic floor in your everyday activities, that way it doesn't have to be a full workout every time. We teach you the importance of notv=cing how you move, lift and carry every day so that your healing is much faster but more importantly, much more life-long change. This will also ensure you avoid any further damage.

We also want to encourage you to use the group chat to lean on. If you want to celebrate a win or ask a question or simply connect and chat to other mamas. We are there for you. Come along and chat.

I will leave you with this message...

YOU ARE AMAZING!! You are raising humans and juggling 100 others tasks all at the same time! It is not an easy thing!

Prioritise your nutrition and body healing so you are in a better mind frame. physical condition and emotional position to best support your family.

Embrace your inner Bad Ass Mama, that I know you are xx

If you haven't already I encourage you to download the MSP app join the Bad Ass Mama chat and become a part of our community, lets grow together and connect. In the group I'd really love for you to share your journey and experiences, especially on this topic.

And if you haven't done already take this message as your push to get into class, start feeling amazing today!!

Have a beautiful day Mama

Nic MSP xx

Heal your postpartum body with good nutrition
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