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5 sneaky ways for busy mums to stay active and healthy

That age-old topic! "I don't have time to do exercise!" As a trainer, I have heard this statement more than I have had hot dinners. And I'm not saying it isn't true, but I am saying there is a way to fit in something. It all comes down to one simple word 'prioritise'. If you feel strongly about movement and exercise, then it will be made a priority in your day. If on the other hand don't enjoy it, or don't see the benefits, it won't be a priority for you. It is a hard thing to hear, but I am always about the butt-ugly truth.

I know all too well the difficulty of mothering babies with very little to no help! I am a wife of a husband who is on a work roster of 2 weeks then home for 6 days, rinse and repeat! and 10 years ago I moved to Australia away from all my family. So as I said, I have no help for 2 weeks straight and run my business while mothering our beautiful little toddler. So I do feel the struggle too. The way I do it is I must prioritise my movement, NOT, just because it's my business, it's my business because I live movement and know the benefits it brings to my own life and body.

Never mind all the strong evidence that's out there, I just know how great I feel if I keep active.

So, to sum it up, set a goal for yourself, make it a priority on your day or week, and stick to it.

Tip #1 - Set a realistic weekly goal!

If you know that for you moving every day is just impossible to fit in, then work out what the minimum amount for you is. I would recommend basing this on the amount that you know makes you feel great. For me, that number is 4 times a week as a minimum. I know if it's less than this then I don't get the benefits and results I want and I don't feel as good.

Tip #2 - Plan ahead

I find that if I plan ahead I am more likely to get in, get it done and get out fast. When I don't have a plan or a focus I procrastinate and waste precious time. So I set out what workouts I want to do that week and then I work out the days I think I can get it done and In the calendar, it goes. If planning the workouts is not your thing, then I would suggest jumping into an app so all your workouts are planned for you! here is the link to my on-demand classes to take the stress out of planning! and no more thinking. I also post a workout of the week schedule to see what are the best workouts to go together, but also to make sure you're hitting the recommended weekly amounts for positive health and mental health benefits. 150 minutes a week is the recommended amount of physical activity to maintain good health, improve and maintain good mental health, also in pregnancy.

Tip #3 - Squeeze it in!

Squeeze in any amount you can on days you're so busy you can't make the time for a whole 30 min workout or more. Try walking to school or the shops instead of driving. Or a walk or run when your baby is in the pushchair instead of their usual bed nap. Check out some of my posts on doing some core work while you're in the kitchen waiting for a put to boil, or in between prepping. Even while you're in the bathroom and your little one is bathing (provided they no longer need holding in the bath of course). I honestly squeeze movement into my day wherever I can, especially when I am super busy. Check out this post on my recommendation for a workout while my toddler was busy playing at the park (could still keep eyes on her!)

Tip #4 - Mix it up

Try different things to see what works for you on a consistent basis. Its all right me recommending things for you, but if they don't work in your lifestyle, then it's important to try lots of different things until you come up with the ones that you are able to maintain.

Tip #5 - Prep, prep prep!!

If you know that on a Friday,(for example) you have with your littles, then that is the lady I would plan to get a whole week's worth of meals prepped! getting this done means that you aren't a slave to the kitchen for hours every day! This could be the simple change you need to be able to fit in the time for your daily movement.

Check out last week's blog post with recipe ideas. But there are so many out there now, You can't go wrong.

You CAN do it Mama. You're a Bad Ass!! You are running and organising a lot already, so carve out some of that time to make YOU feel strong and energised!

And remember if you're are a big fan of taking off some mental load- CLICK HERE to join other Bad Ass Mamas working out with me in studio!!

Semi-private lessons means you get your exact needs catered for in EVER class!

See you soon Mama x

I believe in you

Nic x



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