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Congratulations on starting your pregnancy journey!

Pregnancy Pilates,

This program is designed to take you through each trimester safely with progressions and modifications for you to ebb and flow through your pregnancy. 

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Ready to feel amazing through your pregnancy?
Gain strength and flexibility whilst nurturing your baby to be strong and healthy with our pregnancy Pilates program.

Being pregnant is the BEST time to start your Pilates journey and is perfectly safe.

Be safely guided step-by-step!

Simple Exercises

These exercises are designed for people new to Pilates but have scaleable options for those wanting more complexity

Trimester by Trimester

Each class is specific to the trimester you are in, so you can rest assured that the exercises are safe for you and baby

Expert Knowledge

This program is designed by an industry expert with further specialisation in pregnancy and post-natal Pilates

 I was able to improve my strength and fitness and I could really see the results! Through pregnancy and serious health issues, I know Pilates made a difference in how my body handled it.

- Judith S

Your dream pregnancy starts here

Moving more isn't as hard as you may think

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Join the program now!

Don't wait until after your pregnancy to build your strength back and get the body you want, start now!

Make your pregnancy, labour and postnatal experience easier using step-by-step safe Pilates exercises designed by an expert.

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